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Lara Beach

Paphos, Cyprus

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When you stand on the shores of Lara Beach taking in the views under the generous summer sun of Cyprus, you will feel revitalized and recharged almost immediately. Because Lara Beach has a unique effect on her visitors. Granted, she is playing hard to get – it takes a four-wheel drive to reach her – but the effort is all worth it and here are the reasons why.

Lara Beach Is a Haven for Green Turtles

Lara Beach at Lara Bay is often described as a tiny paradise. Its waters are crystal clear, the sand is soft, the vistas are beyond compare, and the bay is delightful. Note that you will spot many green turtles here, as well as wild goats. This is a protected area. Don’t visit it for long stretches of time without supplies like food, water, and sunscreen.

When you are here, you should visit the Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Station, which is a research facility dedicated to the protection of the Green and Loggerhead Turtles. In this safe haven, you can see the conservationists at work. To look at the turtles coming to Lara Beach to lay their eggs, you should visit Cyprus between May and August. The fragile eggs are protected against predators with metal cages. There are many warning signs letting tourists know where to step. Although admission is free, access to the facility is only allowed with guided tours. Overnight camping is not permitted. If you don’t make it when the turtles come to shore, there is an information board explaining the work done by volunteers to protect these endangered creatures. You will see photos too. In the egg-laying season, water tanks with turtle hatchlings are placed in the conservation shack for the benefit of the tourists.

Lara Beach is located on the Akamas Peninsula and can be only accessed by four-wheel drive, minibus tour, or by boat from Paphos. Besides enjoying the flora and the fauna of the area, there’s not much to do here. The beach is deserted, and there is no shade so it will be useful to bring along an umbrella.



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Luxury Cyprus Holiday Villas in Paphos

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Luxury Cyprus Holiday Villas in Paphos

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