Myths & Legends of Cyprus

Myths & Legends of Cyprus

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A picturesque island where past meets present at every turn, with a strong culture and many traditions handed down through the ages.
In ancient times Cyprus was the island of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and Pafos was the principal centre of her worship. Euripides, in his work ‘Bacchae’, calls Cyprus the island of Aphrodite:

…may I reach Cyprus,
the Island of Aphrodite,
where Erotes, the heart – healers,
mingle with the mortals,
in Pafos, where the hundred-mouthed
ravines of the torrential river

Among the six administrative districts into which the island of Aphrodite is divided today, that of Pafos is the richest in antiquities, legends, traditions and natural beauty.

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