Category: Old Town Pafos

“Palia Ilektriki” Cultural Center

The prolonged and substantial lack of a modern place for cultural events, in conjunction with the creation of the Municipal Gallery in 2006, led to the creation of a cultural center in the renovated “Palia Ilektriki” (Old Powerhouse). The rationale for adopting the idea is to create an affordable and functional work of cultural infrastructure through which to regenerate and support various areas of cultural activity and development of the city.

Hani of Ibrahim

With history and culture enticing visitors from near and far to explore each and every corner of Paphos, times past are now the focus of attention, albeit with a cool modern twist in an old town that has been brilliantly revamped. And with the renovated Hani of Ibrahim (Ibrahim’s Khan) standing proud at the centre of it all, with contemporary architectural features accentuating the old brickwork, we give you three great reasons to check it out.